MPN Advantage is a subsidiary of Comprehensive Medical Reporting Services, better known as CMRS.  CMRS began serving the workers' compensation community in 2004, providing a variety of support services to physicians, attorneys and adjusters.  In 2005 when the California Department of Workers' Compensation implemented the Medical Provider Network (MPN), it became clear that the road to credentialing for providers would be ever-changing.

In 2011, as a natural progression and application of our knowledge and experience, learning the complexities of the MPN system was a logical evolution to better supporting our clients and the workers' compensation community.  Thus, MPN Advantage was born.  After months of research we released our first MPN Directory in 2012.  Since that time we have gone on to produce the MPN Directory annually, which is researched and revised throughout the year in accordance with the quarterly published DWC approved list of MPNs in California.  In addition to the MPN Directory, we began offering clients that are treating patients with industrially related injuries assistance with application to the MPNs. 

With the constantly evolving rules surrounding MPNs in California, MPN Advantage staff takes great pride in our ability to navigate and keep abreast of these changes.  We are fortunate to have positive working relationships with MPN managers and credentialing department supervisors and staff to assist us along the way.

In 2018, MPN Advantage began offering all clients PPO and HMO credentialing assistance.  We also began offering Health Care Network (HCN) credentialing services to our partners in Texas.  In 2019, we extended our credentialing knowledge in many areas, including education in IPA credentialing.  In 2020, we have officially added IPA credentialing to our services in order to better assist our clients. 

This year we are working towards becoming more familiar with, and understanding, the workers' compensation credentialing requirements of every state across the nation.  While we continue to focus our educational efforts on workers' compensation, our staff works daily to ensure we are up-to-date on the most current credentialing requirements for all entities including, but not limited to workers' compensation, PPO, HMO, and IPA networks.

We are looking forward to what the future holds.


April Samaniego
Senior MPN Consultant
Director of Client Services

Ms. Samaniego's extensive experience began in the workers' compensation community in 1999.  She started her career working with physicians, attorneys, and workers' compensation adjusters as a workers' compensation coordinator in a busy Orthopaedic practice.  In 2006, Ms. Samaniego joined CMRS, providing a variety of support services and supervisory services in the worker's compensation system.  In 2015, she became the Director of Client Services for both CMRS and MPN Advantage.  Ms. Samaniego works with a variety of clients across the nation regarding their credentialing needs, and continues to focus her training and education in all aspect of credentialing .

Mindy Vance
Senior MPN Consultant

Ms. Vance has been a valuable member of the workers' compensation community since 2002.  She began her career working with physicians, attorneys, and workers' compensation adjusters as a workers' compensation coordinator and office manager in a thriving Orthopedic practice.  In 2015 Ms. Vance joined CMRS providing a variety of support services to multiple clients.  Due to her extensive experience, she was quickly recruited to the MPN team.  Ms. Vance works with a variety of clients throughout the state of California providing comprehensive MPN support.

Kelly Woodland
Senior MPN Consultant

Ms. Woodland's experience in the workers' compensation field dates back to 2004.  She began her career as medical legal historian, and joined CMRS from 2005 to 2007, providing a variety of support services.  She returned to CMRS in 2015 after receiving a Master's degree, and was selected to join the MPN team.  Ms. Woodland works with various clients in California and Texas providing comprehensive MPN support.   

Sharon Brown
MPN Consultant

Ms. Brown is a new addition to the MPN team and joined us in 2020.  She provides multifaceted support to the MPN staff, as well as credentialing assistance to various clients in California.  She focuses her training and education on the MPN side of workers' compensation, as well as being our primary support consultant for IPA and commerical insurance credentialing.