MPN Advantage provides a variety of services to our clients across the country.  Let us help you determine which MPNs or HCNs you are already on.  For those you are not, we will facilitate your application.
We also provide PPO, HMO, and IPA credentialing assistance to our clients.




The MPN Directory contains up-to-date information regarding DWC approved MPNs in California.  Our staff works directly with the quarterly published DWC list of approved MPNs.  We verify information including source networks, phone numbers, email addresses and instructions.  The directory makes applying to MPNs easier, and eliminates some of the guesswork.  Contact our staff for more details regarding the directory and perks that come with the purchase.

MPN and HCN Credentialing; PPO & HMO Credentialing
IPA Credentialing


Let our experienced staff determine which MPN or HCN you are already part of.  For those networks you are not already part of our staff will assist with your application.  

Our dedicated staff will work with you to develop a plan for credentialing that best suits your practice.  We will also provide you with a monthly list of MPNs that you are on that can easily be used on your website or given to referral sources.